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Snowy White (Keine Karten mehr vorhanden)

Samstag, der 30. Mai 2015 um 18:00 Uhr

I sold my lovely old Les Paul because I wanted to clear my mind from the past, (not because I need the money!) There comes a time when it feels right to change things, and I felt that this was the right time to move on. I'm not sentimental about these things, I just follow my instincts. It's a guitar, that's all. It was a great guitar for sure, and I loved it. I hope the buyer enjoys it as much as I did. He got a good bargain! I shall miss it in some ways, but I've already moved on from this situation. I actually feel refreshed and happy about it, and I'm already recording new material. I have had trouble with my 'strumming arm' for sure, which has been very frustrating, but I'm slowly getting on top of that.

Thanks to everyone for your kind and thoughtful messages.
I'm sorry some people thought I was going through a bad time, but I can assure you that selling my guitar has been a positive thing for me, something I wanted to do. I have another guitar that I really like, and I hope I can still make some good music with all the great musicians that I play with.

The new guitar will be in action for the first time on the 30th May, as I am playing a one-off show at Gaste Garage in Osnabruck, Germany.
It will be my first live show since October 2013. It will be just one set, probably about 70 minutes long. I'm looking forward to it!

Snowy White